team cohesion

One of the Top Priorities of the US Surgeon General

Teams in all sectors experience a unique set of challenges that can lead to burnout, presenteeism, and quiet quitting unless they are being addressed correctly.

At Chameleon O'Clock, I believe that organizational success is greatly impacted by employee engagement and well-being.  As a workplace consultant, I help leaders identify toxic behaviors that lead to harm and foster an environment based on building trust, open communication, and maintaining morale even under the most high-pressure situations.


Understanding Our Approach

  • What

    Custom Team Building Workshops

    Individual Coaching Sessions

    Group Coaching Sessions

  • How

    Analyze Engagement Data Trends

    Create a Custom Plan

    Use Qualitative Techniques to Understand Member Perspectives

  • Why

    Foster a Sense of Belonging

    Impact Productivity and Bottom Line

    Build an Environment of Camaraderie